Friday, September 21, 2012

Follow Friday: What hyped up book was worth all the talk?

Follow Friday is a meme hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read.

This week's question is...

Q: What hyped up book do you think was worth all the talk?


A: Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi

This was hands down one of the best books I've read this year! The world was interesting, and Veronica Rossi did a spectacular job developing the characters, I loved them! If you would like to read my full review of Under the Never Sky, click here.

I couldn't put this book down! Would highly recommend it :]

Favorite quote:
“She absorbed the terror and beauty of him and his world. Of every moment over the past days. All of it, filling her up like the first breath she'd ever taken. And never had she loved life more.” 

What was your pick? 

Happy reading!


  1. I havent heard of that one. Tho I'm not much in the YA world.

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    Dawn and Amanda

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  2. Loved this one too; think I read it just before the hype as it came up as a recommendation for me before it's publication.
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    Katja @ YA's the Word

  3. I haven't read it. I can always tell when I've got into a genre rut! Ah well, as long as I'm loving reading! I'm a new follower on GFC, but you can find me through my name up above at my blog. Btw, your page title 'books I loved more than a college kid loves free food' is awesome. I literally LOL'ed.

  4. Haven't read this one yet. But it sounds good! Old follower :)

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  5. This one is one my TBR list! I am currently on a dystopian-novels-reading-rut though, after reading Divergent I just can't get my head into another dystopia novel. Well, I'll come around it eventually, especially since the books sounds so...tasty.

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  6. I have seen this around the blogging community, been wanting to check it out.

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  7. I have been wanting to buy this since the start of the yearand I still haven't got it :/ Definitely my next buy. Great FF

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  8. I haven't read this yet. Should get a copy soon :)
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  9. I have not read that but it looks good!

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  10. Ooooh, I've never even read this one!

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  11. I just finished this book a little over a week ago..loved it! I agree with you, the characters and the world..AWESOME!


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