Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bloggiesta 2012

So I've seen several posts about this thing called a Bloggiesta. My interest was piqued, so I had to check it out. Here's what I learned:

If you decide to participate you can expect:
  • to spend time that weekend (as much or as little as your schedule allows) working on your blog
  • to create a to do list to share on your blog and link up with other participants
  • to hopefully participant in several mini challenges and learn something new
  • to connect with other participants through blog hopping or twitter
  • to make new blogging friends!
  • to come away at the end of the three days with a spiffed up blog!

I'm down for all of that, so I signed up :] I'm still a little uncertain exactly what to expect (what is a mini challenge?) because I've never done anything like this before, but it sounds awesome!

I don't really have a to-do list exactly so much as few goals:
1. Learn everything I can so I don't feel like such a noob! haha
2. Make my blog better than it was before Bloggiesta.
3. Meet some awesome new bloggers :]

Are you participating? If you'd like to participate, Bloggiesta runs from September 28-30 and you can sign up at There's a Book.

Hope you're having a lovely Wednesday!


  1. The mini-challenges are a great way to learn loads to do with blogging! Basically lots of different bloggers will host 'challenges' to do with different aspects of blogging. Many of them are like tutorials, like showing you how to back up your blog or how to implement SEO to your blog. They're completely optional though, so if you don't want to take part in them, you don't have to!

    By the way, I love your blog design! :)

    1. Oh ok, I see, thank you for explaining! :]I'm really looking forward to this, it sounds awesome!

      And yay thank you ^.^


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