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Top 10 Favorite Books I've Read This Year (TTT 4)

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week's theme is the favorite top ten books you've read during the lifespan of your blog, but since my blog is only a baby of 2 months old that doesn't give me many books to choose from ^.^' heh. So, I'm gonna bend the rules a little here and choose my top ten favorites I've read this year. Here are my picks:

1. Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi

 This is the best book I've read this year! The character development was amazing, and I loved the storyline and the world the author created. If you haven't read this yet you need to ASAP!

2. Cinder by Marissa Meyer

 The author did such a creative spin on the Cinderella story with this book! This is hands-down the best fairytale re-telling I've ever read. I loved the futuristic setting with all the cyborgs, very cool.

 3. Hallowed by Cynthia Hand

 This is my favorite angel story. I love the world the author creates with the 'angel-bloods'. Though some things about this book did frustrate me it was still an amazing sequel with thought-provoking themes and some good surprises!

4. Fateful by Claudia Gray

 Werewolves + the Titanic. This book was basically my heaven.

 5. Trial by Fire by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

 I fell in love with this whole series, but Trial by Fire was my favorite. I love the whole idea of a human being raised by werewolves! Very interesting and different. Plus, Bryn, Devon, and Lake were all awesome characters :]

6. The Savage Grace by Bree Despain

 *le sigh* I am so in love with Daniel. I have a thing for werewolves.

 7. Wither by Lauren DeStefano

 This dystopian was really different from others out there. The premise was really interesting and the story really gripped me. It really made me think about different real-life issues as well, like prostitution and sex trafficking.

8. Hemlock by Kathleen Peacock

 *embarrassed grin* Well, beings that this is the 4th werewolf book to make it onto the list you've probably figured out by now that I'm a little obsessed. Teehee ;] This premise was really different from other werewolf books--a werewolf serial killer? Very interesting read!

 9. Touch of Power by Maria V. Snyder

I love Maria Snyder's books! This was such an interesting, fun read and I loved the fantasy world she created. I can't wait for the sequel :]

10. The False Prince by Jennifer Nielsen

This book was so addicting! Three boys are chosen to be trained to impersonate the prince. The main character was interesting--he was so stubborn, cocky, and always had a witty remark ready.

What were your top ten?

Happy reading!


  1. Touch of Power was so bloody good! I wasn't excited to read it, but I was doing the blog tour for it. But then I couldn't stop reading! I read it in one sitting. I was seriously impressed. I hadn't ever read any Maria Snyder before and now I'm a fan. Fab book!

  2. Under the Never Sky is on my wishlist to read this year! I know, I should hurry up & read it already. I haven't read Trial by Fire, but I have read the first book in the series and I really enjoyed reading it. I actually loved it. I should get the second and third book and just finish the series. :) Great list.

  3. Some great picks there! I just recently finished reading Under the Never Sky and really liked it. New follower :D

  4. You do have a thing for werewolves! :) Great list. Under the Never Sky is in my TBR pile but I just haven't read it yet. Only heard good things about The False Prince. I had a couple of issues with Cinder but I really liked the depiction of New Beijing.

  5. I have Under the Never Sky on my list too - it was AMAZING! I've read Cinder and Hemlock and have the other books on your list on my TBR list. Great list! :-)

    Here's my list if you'd like to check it out:

  6. Fantastic list! I've enjoyed almost every book on it. I'm so excited for Scarlet to come out, and Touch of Power is my favorite Maria V. book yet! Can't wait for the sequel!

    Karis @YA Litwit

    My Top Ten

  7. I forgot about Hallowed! Love that series! Such great picks! :)

    My Top Ten:

  8. I had not heard of 'The False Prince', but it sounds really interesting. Thanks for the list of recs!

  9. I really enjoyed Cinder and Fateful too! I have The Savage Grace but haven't read it yet. I really need to get on that!

    Here's who made my top ten!

  10. I am definitely looking forward to Savage Grace, Wither, and The False Prince. Thanks for highlighting them!

    Here's Mine


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