Friday, October 12, 2012

Sometimes You Fall Off the Face of the Planet (And It Takes a While to Find Your Way Back)

 A Place With No Gravity

Lately, I have fallen of the face of the planet in regards to my blog. It has been nearly two weeks since my last post. I never intended to take a break from blogging it just...happened.

Sometimes, life gets in the way of things you enjoy, such as reading and writing reviews. I have been extremely distracted lately, and combine that with finals, extra hours at work, and a reading slump and I found myself falling, falling, falling....

Making A U-Turn Back To Normalcy

And I'll admit, I'm a new blogger. I don't have this whole blogging thing down yet. I'm still learning, experimenting, and trying to figure out how to balance blogging with everything else in my life. This is my first blogging slump and it's really frustrating :P

But things should be getting back to normal now. Finals are over (for now), my work schedule is back to the way it was, and distraction shouldn't be a problem anymore. I'm hoping to post a review on Monday and get back to blogging consistently like I was before!

Switching Things Up A Bit

However, I do think I am going to make a few changes. I think I took on a little too much to start off with. So, I think I'm going to get rid of my writing tip feature (for now anyways). I might still do an occasional writing tip here or there, we'll see how it goes.

But I'm just going to focus of book reviews for now, and I will probably post one review a week. I'm still going to try to stick to my Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule. They won't all be reviews but they will be something bookish related.

Anyways, that's all for now. I just wanted to explain what's been up, but I'm getting re-focused and back on track so stay tuned for future bookish awesomeness ;]

Have you ever had a blogging slump? How did you get through it? How do you manage your time in order to post regularly?

Happy reading!


  1. I am pulling myself out of these right now. I get to that point where I feel guilty for not scheduling any posts.. especially when I have like 10 drafts set up that are unfinished. I have horrible time management skills. I need a system, but I can't seem to find one.

  2. It's really hard! And it's so frustrating because I started out doing so well. I need to get myself organized and manage my time better (easier said than done). I think finding a rhythm to blogging is going to take time and work...I just hope I find it eventually!


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