Monday, October 15, 2012

Because Boys in Books are Better: My Book Boyfriend Sam Roth from Shiver

Ok, so I was hoping to have a review for today but I didn't have time to finish the library book I was working on over the weekend and now it is due today. Sad face!

Anywho, I decided to brighten everyone's Monday with a post about one of my book boyfriends, because who doesn't enjoy looking at pictures of cute guys?? ;] And we all know that boys in books are better.

My Book Boyfriend: Sam Roth

One of my favorite book boyfriends is Sam Roth from Maggie Stiefvater's Shiver trilogy. I absolutely adore Sam's character--he was so sweet and exactly the kind of guy I would love to date. And he's a werewolf! How cool is that??

I picture Sam looking something like Tyler Posey (from MTV's Teen Wolf). I picture Sam as attractive, but more on the cute, gentle side than rugged and hot. Plus Tyler Posey plays werewolf Scott McCall, so he's already got the werewolf part down. I think that Tyler would be PERFECT to play Sam in the upcoming Shiver movie!

Book Boyfriend Profile


Name: Sam Roth
Age: 18
Appearance: Lanky frame, floppy black hair, golden eyes
Species: Werewolf
Interests: Reading, playing guitar, folding paper cranes
Fear: Bathtubs
Favorite Quote: “Grace,” I said, very softly. “Say something.”
Sam,” she said, and I crushed her to me.”
Why I Love Sam: He is sweet, gentle, loving, thoughtful, and compassionate. He is always there for his girl and loves her unconditionally.    

Do you think Tyler Posey makes a good Sam? Who do you picture as Sam?

Happy reading!


  1. HOT.. Totally.. I can picture him as Sam.. Though Shiver wasn't one of my favorites, you can't really hate the guy, can you? Hmm.. if I chose a book boyfriend.. Nah.. I can never just settle on just one ;)

    Ariella @ Secrets of Lost Words

  2. I completely adore Sam, the whole time I was reading the books I wished he was real! He was so sweet. Even though I didn't really like the last book he made them worth it.
    And I can't have one book boyfriend either haha. Sam is just one of my favorites ;]

  3. Haven't read those, but based on your description, he sounds awesome! :D Great post!

  4. Thanks! :D Sam is very awesome, you should read the books sometime, you'll fall in love with him!

  5. OMG Tyler is EXACTLY how I pictured Sam! I'm not such a big fan of the Shiver trilogy but I really liked Sam. And I think Tyler is perfect as Sam!

  6. Oh the shiver series is my weakness. I also share you passionate love for Sam. If he were real I would deffinityl date him!

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